Minutes from our meeting on Feb. 2, 2016

Casie reported that the Garden Club has begun a project to preserve the history of each of the circles.  If anyone has Moonlight material saved they are encourage to send copies to the club to be included in Moonlight’s story.

Palma Ceia Living did a story about Moonlight.  They don’t have a web version of the magazine but Scott was able to get several copies.

Nancy gave an update on the website she is working on for Moonlight with help from Tona.  She expects it will be live sometime in March.  When it is done members will be able to post photos and blogs.

Kathy completed the vegetable garden at Metropolitan Ministries.  Scott hopes to take current photos to be posted on Moonlight’s Facebook page.

Lauren reported that Moonlight’s bank account balance is $1007.25.

Moonlight’s meeting was held at Bayshore Market.  Linda and her husband have owned the market for about four years after running a landscape business.  In addition to providing plant and landscaping advice she finds herself giving entertaining advice to her customers.

Linda focuses on container gardening for entertaining.  She sticks with the traditional advice of including a thriller, spiller and filler in the pot but adds that sometimes the pot itself can be the thriller.  The plants in each pot should have similar water and sun needs.  She recommends the use of regular fertilization with container gardens and notes that time release fertilizer needs replenishment more frequently than the directions say due to the heat and moisture the plants are subjected to in Florida.

 Linda is an advocate of honey and its health benefits.   Two tablespoons per day of locally produced seasonal honey is believed to reduce seasonal allergies.  Honey is a naturally sterile product and doesn’t go bad unless a contaminant is introduced into it.

Not all honeys come from bees.  Manuka honey comes from a bush in New Zealand and is used to reduce inflammation and arthritis symptoms.  It is even produced in medical grade and used in hospitals.