Minutes from our meeting on Tuesday, March 4, 2017

At approximately 6:50 pm, Yvette introduced our guest speaker, Tom Heitzman, from Sweet Bay Nursery in Parrish.  Tom presented a wonderful Powerpoint presentation regarding Florida Native plantings.   He advised that some of the beneficial points of Native Plant gardening are:


            *Attract butterflies, bees, birds, wildlife and help sustain their

              habitats and support them

            *Conserve natural resources

            *Native landscapes are sustainable

Tom discussed plants that are great for hummingbirds, butterflies, birds and other wildlife.  Blazing Star, Needle Palms, Bromeliads and plants such as Cabbage Palms are native to Florida and great to use in your gardens.  Hummingbirds like Red Cedar, Scarlet Hibiscus, native Firebush (has three leaves, not four if native).  Butterflies are attracted by layered vegetation, areas of shade and sunshine, NO pesticides, and good host trees for them are Jamacian Casper and Black Cherry.  He also discussed different native plants for various locations.  It was an extremely informative presentation.

Sweet Bay Nursery carries over 200 Native Florida plant varieties and is located at 10824 Erie Road, Parrish, FL34219.  He also suggested that Florida Native Plant Society is a great resource.

Casie brought the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.  Ms. Slag was present and Casie invited her to talk about the upcoming Flower Show at the Garden Club this Saturday and Sunday.  The Garden Tour is also this Sunday.  Both Tuky and Casie will have arrangements in the Flower Show.

Tucky advised that the District V Women’s Club is holding “Day at the Beach” on May 11th.

Scott was not able to be present but has emailed everyone information regarding the area at Patricia Sullivan School that he, Kathy and Dani had looked at when they meet with the Vice Principal, Melissa, in March.  Kathy advised that we are trying to get plantings done for the Earth Day Challenge but one consideration is that the school will be off for the summer and no one will be around to take care of any new plantings.  Casie said she will email the form she has to Scott and Kathy that needs to be completed by this Friday for what we plan to do.

Renewal Membership dues should be given to Kathy.

Casie adjourned the meeting at 7:48 pm.